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The Winners

And some more photos over on the IBC Forum

Bonsai styling – Juniperus chinensis – finishing touch

Top quality camera work, editing and production. And the tree’s pretty darn good too 🙂

Happy Birthday ‘Newtowne in the Ardes’

The town where I live is 400 years old today. Well, that’s not specifically true, it was here before then but on the 25th March 1613 it received it’s Royal Charter from King James I.

ScreenHunter_10 Mar. 24 12.06

Click on image below if like me you are a history freak and want more information.ScreenHunter_09 Mar. 24 12.05

Yesterday myself and Stephen took a cold walk up Scrabo Hill overlooking the town. A strange walk as half of the hill was clear of snow and the other half was covered in deepish drifts. Here are the usual photos from the walk.