Ian B’s Kyiohime Maple Repot

This is Ian B’s little shohin Kyiohime maple after a repot. It was in dire need of repotting and the roots proved problematic. The pot Ian had purchased for this proved to be too risky to achieve in one step. This was my fault, not his, as I had picked the pot. It is now in this nice little blue one, a Lark Lane pot if anyone remembers them. I have a real soft spot for them.

Ian B’s Trident

Ian Brought this Trident Maple on Saturday. Not much done, just a little structural pruning of branches to remove crossing or overly thickened ramification. A few tweaks with wire but that’s it.

I suggested a slight change of front from the one showing. With a slight turn the back branch comes more into view adding a little more depth to the image.

Before work


Slight angle change

Ian B’s Zelkova

Another one worked on with Ian on Saturday. A Zelkova that he has had for a very long time, from seed kit I think!

The before image looks great with lots of fine ramification but if left unchecked it will go backwards this year. We gave it a haircut removing some dead inner branches and thinning out the outer canopy.



It’s in an old Lark Lane pot, if anyone remembers those. They used to be in every garden centre in the country about 20 years ago, some crap ones but I love this one.

Ian B’s Larch

Our dedicated club treasurer was at my house yesterday and we worked on a few trees, mostly minor tweaks and a little wiring.

This is his Japanese Larch that has thickened a little in a few places and we removed what we could replacing branches with a finer structure.

Before original front

Before slightly different angle


Ian B’s Trees

Ian B, are hard working Club Treasurer was with me on Friday night and I snapped a few photos of his trees while he was here.

His little shohin Kiyo-hime Maple

His Zelkova with the dregs of Autumn colour still clinging on. This tree has come so far from when I first saw it at the club many years ago.

Japanese Larch

His Scots Pine before and after. Nearly all the branches emerged from the one spot on the trunk and we had to removed a lot to stop this point swelling and create some proper structure on the tree. In some ways a step backwards, but better for the tree in the future.