Garden Benches

Here’s a few general shots I have snapped in the garden over the last week showing my  display area and the training benches along with accents. All change next year with my lawn going hopefully. This will allow my display to be moved into the best area of the garden for natural light.



Just a record snap of the benches his year. I try and do it every year to see how things change.



Back on the Benches

Have got some of my trees back out on the benches. They have been tucked away here and there around the garden but it was time to enjoy the view again 🙂 Still a few spaces to be filled.





Bench Reshuffle

I spent Friday morning with my son reshuffling my benches in my display area. I acquired a few extra railway sleepers and was going to do this in a few weeks time. However, my son has to make a promotional video for his Creative Media course at Tech and he’s making one for the club. He has to video me talking about the NIBS and I wanted to do it among my benches. One thing lead to another and well, see for yourself 🙂


Autumn Benches

I had a few friends down last night playing with trees. It was absolutely Baltic, the coldest night so far this Autumn. A few who came, were here for the first time. It was dark and my outside light is on the Fritz, so they didn’t get a change to see some of my benches. So these are for you Susan, David and Adrian.