Stolen Bonsai Sad Days

I’m amazed just how many great bonsai have been stolen in the last few weeks in Europe! Even more saddened by the fact that the thief is probably known to the tree owners as previously knowledge of the gardens would have be needed.

To help with the hunt for these persons, I’ll do what little I can and post the images here to help stop resale, but to be honest, they’ll be sitting in the chaps back garden. What enjoyment can he gain from these trees is beyond me. Every glance at them is a reminder of the crime and the chance of being caught.

These 2 stolen from Walter Pall.

This one from Hans Kastner Germany

These two Japanese White Pine stolen from Francois Jeker in France.


4 comments on “Stolen Bonsai Sad Days

  1. If they ever catch one of those bastards in the act, I am sure we could all think of a few innovative uses for a concave branch cutter or a pair of Jin pliers to show them the error of their ways.
    Sadly, you are probably right and those trees are sitting in someone’s bonsai collection, never to be seen again.


  2. John Romano, here in the USA, also lost a fine shohin shimpaku to a theft a day or two ago.

    Almost makes me wonder if some wealthy thug isn’t commissioning the thefts, to “build” a collection.


  3. Just Rotten. It must leave the owners with an awful feeling in the pit of their stomachs. Sadly it makes you sort of wary of every one who comes into your own garden. Like window cleaners etc. No offence meant to any window cleaners who might read this.


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