Mame Repot #4 Ivy



This one has gone back into the same pot. Temporary wire there to hold for a week or too. I have a blackbird who would just love to trail this one out of the pot!

Maybe a bit big for mame though 😦




Ivy Air Layer Update

I made a few alterations yesterday to an air layer taken last year. Story Here

This was it before work.

The leaves were a bit tatty and they like frequent defoliation. To help me see what why to progress this tree I removed the leaves and ended up removing some of the deadwood too. It was confusing the flow of the tree.

Going for a semi cascade as you can see. This is a different view to show you the movement.

Work still required on the deadwood to the rear but no rush, early days.

Ivy Air Layer

I decided yesterday to check on the air layer done earlier in the year on an Ivy. THIS is the previous post about it.

I’ve had to trim back the foliage a few times since the layer was added in May. This was it as I started yesterday.

On removing the black cover and cling film I was happy with the results.

I think this will make a rather nice little shohin. I potted it into a slightly larger pot than required. Nothing suitable on the shelf. Also potted at the wrong angle to ensure that the new roots are sufficiently covered. If the roots are coming out of the bottom in the Spring I might repot properly then. In the mean time it will go back in the poly tunnel to add a little time to the growing season to encourage more root.


Mame Ivy Defoliation

I defoliated my little Ivy and did a minor adjustment to the lower branch.

Ivy Air layer

I finally got around to layering a little ivy I collected last year from a beach. A bit late but should be fine with this species.

As you can see, the trunk has major issues as it sits, inverse taper and lack of interest.

This part of the tree has loads of interest and was worth layering.

Layer in progress.

Sphagnum moss and cling film

Finished off with black pond liner to help attract heat and encourage rooting.

As usual I’ll keep you posted right here.

Little Cascade Ivy Preperation

I’m bring this little Ivy over to the BSA show as well. Not much good on it’s own but it might just help fill out a display for someone else. Being an unusual variety it’ll hopefully add a little interest too.

I had to replace the old moss and tidy up a few leaves that were pointing the wrong way. The very nature of Ivy’s growth means that they a a little unkempt, but I rather like this little fellow.

As lifted out of the Winter quarters, weeds and all!

I removed all the old moss.

As rots had grown into the old moss I trimmed them and gave it a general tidy up before I applied the new moss.

Ready to go. The photo doesn’t do the little fellow justice, but they rarely do.

Two Hearts beat as one :-)

I noticed these two leaves on a recently collected Ivy. most of the other leaves are the normal shape but these two, well, I just fell in love 🙂


I collected this little Ivy off a Beach back at the start of April See HERE.

It has an unusual gnarly trunk from about half way. Unfortunately the first half is terrible! The plan this year was to allow it to recover and produce roots. It had very few to start with. Next Spring I plan to air layer and create an unusual little Shohin Ivy.

I gave it a trim today to shorten some of the runners.

This is where I will Airlayer.

My Bonsai – Mame Collection

Today’s addition to the My Bonsai Tab is a few of my smallest trees. This includes Juniper, Rowan, Cotoneaster and Ivy. Some I’ve had for many years and some are new. I do have others in training but are not much to look at for now. I’ll add them as they progress.

HERE is the page link, or just click on the image below to view.

I have recently added a few of my better mame trees to a tufa rock planting. As it comes together, I hope to do a Case Study page about it.