Arse about Face #2

This was another tree discussed with Robert. Again this Hawthorn raft was looked at from the back as a possible different front. Robert felt that even thought the base was just as nice, the back gave more depth to the composition.

The Front.

The back.

A few flowers this year as well.

Oldest Settlement in Ireland… Probably

I had to drive to Nendrum Monastic Site the other day for a thing in work. My trusty camera is never too far away.

This place dates back to the 7th century when they built this settlement on an Island in Strangford Lough. In 1999 they found the remains of 2 tidal Mills during a dig. It’s a bit out of the way but a lovely spot to visit.

This is a few photos of the road down to the site.

Some info on the site.

The remains of the round tower.

View out towards Skettrick Island.

The Ballydorn Lightship, now the home of Down Cruising Club

The remains of Skettrick Castle.

The remains of the sun dial on the Church. The time was wrong 🙂

The Church

The Tower again, or what’s left of it!

This is what the Tidal Mill used to look like

This is where they were found.

Hope you enjoyed your trip back in time 😉