Saruyama, ‘Trev’, Lewis, Whatever!!

Was just reading Mr Warren’s  [Trev’s] latest Blog post. Well, a good portion of it was lifted from Colin Lewis but who am I to complain because I’m putting both of them here 🙂

Both gentlemen make a very interesting point about Bonsai Obesity.

Well worth a read , makes you think.


Arse About Face #1

I was looking at a few of my bonsai with Robert last week and as is usual with Robert, he came up with a few other possible options with trees that I have had for many years.

I love it when I get the opportunity to discuss trees like this. It lets you know that you can become complacent with trees that you see every day and you should teach yourself always to look at your bonsai with fresh eyes whenever you can.

One of the ideas that Robert came up with was using the back of this Yew as the possible new front. [hence arse about face :-)] I bought this tree from Robert many years ago and I think he would like it back. Not happening !

Here is the original front as selected by Marco Invernizzi back in 2004 during a workshop.

The tree will be getting some work done sometime this year as a few of the branches are rising and some structural work is required. Sometimes I look at this front and feel there is too much white wood in your face. The base is also boring with a flat section of deadwood and a fat live vein.

Robert suggested that the back might be another option. The base is better and the image looks fuller  but still has interest and character. There would need to be some branch adjustments, but I rather like the idea. I now have it turned to this aspect so I can view it from my window and see it every day. The potting angle would need to be changed. As with most trees at this point, there are points for and against the new front. Just need to decide on balance which is the best option. What do you think?