Blog Post of the Day

This one is a belter! Once you get the Google Chrome  translate  going, sit back and read a very well structured post from El Tim [The Team] on what to look for and what to watch out for when buying yamadori. It’s a long post and you’ll maybe want to skip the funnies at the start but stick with it.

Buying Yamadori Guide

Ivy Air layer

I finally got around to layering a little ivy I collected last year from a beach. A bit late but should be fine with this species.

As you can see, the trunk has major issues as it sits, inverse taper and lack of interest.

This part of the tree has loads of interest and was worth layering.

Layer in progress.

Sphagnum moss and cling film

Finished off with black pond liner to help attract heat and encourage rooting.

As usual I’ll keep you posted right here.