Blog Post of the Day

Most days I flick through all the new posts from the blogs I follow on google reader. There is usually something of note there worth reading or at the very least, contains some great photographs.

I have decided that sharing my favourite posts here would be a great way of introducing others to new blogs.

So, starting today, whenever I get a chance, I’ll add a link here directing you to my favourite blog post of the day.

First up is a post about air layering. I’ve been looking at this in some detail over the last year or so and found this one interesting. Not least because the photos are mine 😉  I should mention it’s in Dutch, but as I use google Chrome with Google Translate on auto, it always appears in English for me. Why limit your blogging to English Blogs!!  Here’s the link…

Air Layering a Hawthorn

Pine Sawfly Larvae

I spotted this clump of Pine Sawfly Larvae on one of my recently collected Scots Pines yesterday. I had planned to spray everything this weekend but this encouraged me to spray everything in the garden there and then.

I’m taking no chances from now on after losing the apex of one of my best trees due to an insect attack this year!