Titanic Belfast

I have family home from Australia at the moment and they are visiting some of N. Ireland’s best sights. On Wednesday we all went to Titanic Belfast recently open on the exact site were the Titanic was built and launched 100 years ago. Here are some of my photos from the day.

The entrance sign

Also known as the big TIT 🙂

The actual building, designed to look like the prow of the ship

Some of the signs on display at the entrance to the exhibit showing the political situation in Ireland at the time. Northern Ireland didn’t come into existence until 1922 when partition took place.

My wife pointing out on the big map where her Dad was born, Coniston Street Belfast.

A lot of family pointing going on.

The Big H&W for Harland and Wolff the shipyard owners.

An example of a First Class Cabin

Second Class

Steerage cabin

A view overlooking the site of Titanic’s launch into Belfast Lough. This was the site of the Arrel gantry built to enable two massive ships to be built side by side. the one to the left is where the Titanic was launched and the Olympic was launched on the right. Seven men fell to their death from the 270 foot high gantry.

Had a laugh at this book.

I really enjoyed the exhibit which was very interactive and was packed with information.

We also got to see the original drawing offices where the plans where made for the Titanic. It is about to be renovated to become part of the Titanic Quarter attractions. A beautiful old building and my favourite part of the day.

The hardest working vacuum cleaner in Ireland. Plaster and paint flaking off everywhere.

Original Door glass at the reception area

Office view overlooking the iconic cranes of Belfast docks.

My wife Allison taking it all in.

Amazing old staircase in the drawing office.

and a great feed in the Dirty Duck afterwards 🙂

The Other Elm

This is the other Shohin Cork Bark Elm that I’ve been working on. Strong growth this Spring and it was time for a trim back to produce further ramification on the right parts of the tree.

The moss is a real pain in the Arse on this one!

This is another little Chinese Elm that was salvaged for a few quid from a local store. I really am a sucker for a sad case. It’s now a lot smaller that it started out and it needed another trim.