Nashville Bonsai Society Regional Show

Felt the need to share a link to this one. This is a post from Owen Reich’s Bonsai Unearthed giving a full run down on Nashville’s Show.

Don’t be thinking, ‘Another Gallery Show Report’! This one holds much more in it’s reading.

I can draw so many parallels between this show and exhibiting bonsai here at home. Our own club show tries to set the standard for display here but we have so far still to go as regards stands, kusamono etc but we are going in the right direction.

Then you have the old Horticultural Shows with bonsai classes, were you are given a tiny space for numerous trees! Is it worth bothering, or do we seek every opportunity to reach the public? More on that in a forthcoming post.

I digress … just click the image below and enjoy Owen’s take on showing bonsai.

Latest Bonsai Art of Japan Video

Just out….

Blog Post of the Day

A nice look at a Bungin Juniper on Owen’s newish blog.

Juniperus Rigida Test

Bonsai Unearthed Blog

I’m always looking for new, quality Bonsai blogs to follow. Bonsai Unearthed is a new blog just started by Owen Reich. When I say new, it started on 22nd May and I only found it today 🙂 Owen has been kind enough to leave constructive comments here on my blog and even let me use some of his wonderful photos from Japan.

This is a link to his fist post, and if this is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. and I don’t just say that because I got a mention 😉

Bonsai Unearthed

Make sure you check out his other newer posts as well. I have been rather presumptuous and have added him to my bonsai friends links on my side bar. Bonsai is not just about wee trees, it’s about friendship, for me at any rate.


A few more from Owen. These were taken at Mansei-en in Omiya, Japan. Some very famous bonsai

It’s great that Owen is liberal with the photos and information he is getting in Japan, as he says, ‘it’s all in a good cause’. Bonsai friendship plays a big part too, just as when Harry offered his photos from Noelanders Trophy back in January. The same goes for me, if anyone wants to use my images for pleasure or educational purposes, I’m happy to oblige. I just don’t want to see them appear on ebay being use to advertise bonsai seeds for commercial gain!!

Ume or Yumie?

More photos from Owen taken on his visit to a Traditional Japanese Restaurant and Tea House where many Ume or Japanese Flowering Plum were on display. I have a real soft spot for flowering bonsai and this is just special. Food looks great too, Yumie 🙂


Kokufu 2012 Photos

This gallery contains 28 photos.

I’m delighted to be able to share these photos from Kokufu 2012 with you all here on the blog. Owen Reich has kindly offered the use of his photos taken in Japan here on the blog. Owen is currently apprenticing at Mr. Fujikawa’s … Continue reading

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