Kokufu Ten Market 2015

Part one from Jose. I love these little snap shots of sales areas. What about that mad Juniper at 51 seconds!!

The Latest Bonsai Art of Japan Video

It has it all, Kokufu, loads of trees, interviews, YMCA and Peter Warren in a tie!!


Kokufu 2012 Photos

This gallery contains 28 photos.

I’m delighted to be able to share these photos from Kokufu 2012 with you all here on the blog. Owen Reich has kindly offered the use of his photos taken in Japan here on the blog. Owen is currently apprenticing at Mr. Fujikawa’s … Continue reading

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Kokufu Market Part 2

Here’s the second part of Jose’s visit to the Kokufu market. Some stunning trees to see, oh to be in Japan this week. Some absolutely stunning shohin trees on the benches.

I really don’t get the Japanese fascination with wearing face masks out in public! Surely the air isn’t that bad!! Perhaps the market was beside the local hospital over lunch hour 🙂


I’m sure most of you follow happenings at centrobonsaitenerife.blogspot.com , but just in case you don’t, here’s a few of Jose Acuna’s latest video uploads from Japan. Well worth a look, fascinating to see just how things work around the Kokufu Ten and the bonsai markets. Loads more videos on his YouTube Channel . Also loads of photos on his blogsite. I use Google Chrome as my browser and the translate function works a treat for those out there who don’t speak Spanish. Personally I think Bonsai is a language of its own 🙂

Nearly 3500 of this hits on my blog have come via Jose’s website. It’s only right that I return the compliment 🙂


Show Time

It feels like all the good shows are all happening now, and I’m missing it all 😦 I’m watching the Noelanders Trophy photos starting to drift onto the net and then I spotted this post on Tyler Sherrod’s Blog about preparation for Kokufu. I thought this photo of the truck loaded for transportation to the venue was brilliant. Click on the photo to see the trees on Tyler’s blog. Keep us posted Tyler 🙂

Bonsai Heaven?

I think I could spend about 3 years walking around this room alone. What an experience it must be to attend Kokofu Ten in Japan. One day……

Kokofu Ten Green Club 2010