Happy St Patrick’s Day

Happy St Paddy’s Day Folks

Beautiful sunny day here, snapped a few of the flowers in my Dad’s garden.

Great post from Tyler about bonsai masterpieces in Japan.

Tyler Sherrod Bonsai

***UPDATE***I’m happy to say that all of the trees we had submitted for the Kichou Bonsai judging were accepted!

About this time every year a judging takes place in Tokyo for the newest entries of bonsai into a select group know as Kichou Bonsai, or Important Bonsai Masterpiece.  These bonsai are ones that are recognized as being some of the finest quality trees, ones that have been improved upon year after year to the point where they stand out above most other bonsai. I am told that this judging has taken place over the last 35 years or so and although some of these trees have died over the years for one reason or another, there have been about 750 trees awarded with this honor. A handful of professionals from around Japan make up the group of judges and are typically the same group that has just judged the past Kokufu trees. After a…

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Bespoke Bonsai Stands

John Brocklehurst, as well as exhibiting at the weekend, also had a trade stand. His beautiful ji ita boards could be seen all over the exhibit stands. One was kindly loaned to me for my accent.

This was his display.

John also made a great double act with Mr Warren during the auction. Here’s Trev and Trev in action 🙂

Who dropped one??!! 🙂

Visit John’s Blog by clicking the image below.