Bonsai Blogs Bundle

I have a Google Reader Bundle Link on my Bonsai Bloggers link page that allows anyone to view my favourite Bonsai Blogs. It was kindly pointed out to me that one of the blogs had been hacked and some absolute rubbish was being added that was spoiling the fun for everyone viewing.

I have therefore created a new bundle for 2012 and changed the link. You can now view 180 bonsai blogs. Some are more active than others but all are worth a look. You can either save this link and view at your leisure or, if you have google reader, just add this bundle to your subscription list.

Click on the image below to view. You can also find this as a permanent feature at the bottom of my side bar. If you want your blog added to the list just ask.

Bonsai eejit on Tour BSA 2012 Part 3

The final one from the trip.

Yesterdays Walk under Blue Sky

Some may think it strange to mention a blue sky. but it’s a real rarity here! I think it’s now safe to say that Spring has arrived. Plenty of flowers to share. Here’s the usual offering of photos to entice you to the Ards Peninsula.