Stone Monkey Ceramics

Another trader at the weekend was Andy Pearson aka Stone Monkey Ceramics. Andy’s pots looked great. I was jumping between all the potters trying to find a pot for a Cotoneaster that I have and I was unable to get the right size and shape. [same old story] I have loads of Walsall pots and even a few Ian Baillie ones too. I decided that I wanted a Stone Money pot and the one I liked and needed the most was in the auction! I managed to get it 🙂

Don’t take my word for it, go and see how good the pots are for yourself, just click the image below.


Potting Up

On our return from the collecting trip we made a start to the potting up. Well, Phil and I did 🙂 Stephen starts late and finishes early!! He kept talking about needing some sleep, you’d think he had worked all night before coming out collecting 🙂

This was my garage before Phil and I started. I wanted to cry, totally knackered after the weekend away and a full day humping tress down a mountain!!

We started with the Spruce. They were potted into Sphagnum moss specially imported from Willowbog for the job 🙂

We worked until we were seeing double and called it a night. Stephen came back the following day and we finished off the remaining Larch. This is what greeted us in the garage, only 12 Larch left. Not a lot of photos taken here as it was a hassle taking gloves on and off!

The tunnel was emptied out to make room for the new arrivals and we managed to fill it.

It was good to see trees out again after their Winter protection, albeit rather haphazardly dumped onto benches!!

I’ll keep you posted with how these trees progress or die 🙂 I think we should be successful with most. One very nice Spruce had little root and we expect it to die but you never know!!