Kokufu 2012 Photos

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I’m delighted to be able to share these photos from Kokufu 2012 with you all here on the blog. Owen Reich has kindly offered the use of his photos taken in Japan here on the blog. Owen is currently apprenticing at Mr. Fujikawa’s … Continue reading

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Little Cascade Ivy Preperation

I’m bring this little Ivy over to the BSA show as well. Not much good on it’s own but it might just help fill out a display for someone else. Being an unusual variety it’ll hopefully add a little interest too.

I had to replace the old moss and tidy up a few leaves that were pointing the wrong way. The very nature of Ivy’s growth means that they a a little unkempt, but I rather like this little fellow.

As lifted out of the Winter quarters, weeds and all!

I removed all the old moss.

As rots had grown into the old moss I trimmed them and gave it a general tidy up before I applied the new moss.

Ready to go. The photo doesn’t do the little fellow justice, but they rarely do.