Chuhin Maple Show Preperation

I’m taking this Maple with me to the BSA Exhibition  next Friday in the off chance that it’s up to the mark for the display. I had to do a little work to get it in order. This is it to start with.

Some little dead stubs had to be cut out to keep it tidy.

Next up I gave it a good soaking in a container of water.

I then scraped off the lose mix from the soil surface to make way for the moss.

Moss at the ready I made a start with getting it applied.

I used 3 different types of moss collected from three different sites. By mixing them up as you plant it, you make a more interesting surface.

I like to add a little moss with seed heads to the back of the pot. I think it helps add depth to the overall composition.

Next step was to water in the moss and get rid of any debris from the surface, then give it another press down.

Job Done, hopefully it’ll make the cut.