Big Bumble!

Managed to snap a few quickies off when this big bumble bee paid a visit to my Fuji Cherry. Focus not great but he just refused to sit still 🙂

Yesterday’s Walk up Cavehill

Had a lovely walk with family friends and dogs up Cavehill yesterday morning. Sadly the view over Belfast City was obscured by haze but that’s better than the usual cold rain we normally get up there!

Looking up to the destination, McArts Fort.

The Cave in Cavehill.

Belfast lost in the haze.

Following the dogs, brothers can be seen in the distance.

Last years Haws and this years buds on a Hawthorn.

Jackdaws nesting on the cliff.

What’s that strange shape on the fort?

Two brothers acting like complete eejits 🙂

Stephen, aka Bonsai baker, with Belfast lurking somewhere behind him!

Cliff top dog, Heart in my mouth!

Looking down over Belfast zoo.

Some nice flowers emerging, no clue what they are though!

Cotoneaster Air Layer Repot

Some of you following the blog may remember me air layering this cotoneaster last year.

The original Post can be viewed HERE

Today I decided to repot the layer to allow spreading of roots and to get it into a more suitable pot. I had picked up a Stone Monkey Pot for it at the BSA Auction and was keen to get it potted up.

This is it after 7 months after removal in a training pot.

I was able to comb out the roots and remove the bulk of the layering sphagnum moss.  It had even issued roots from the lower branches into the soil! This is the Stone Monkey pot ready for the tree. What I love about this little pot is that even though it’s small time has been taken to add wire holes. A big help.

And the little tree potted up. It needs clipped in a little further but I’ll let it settle in it’s new home for a few months before I do anything else.