BSA Final Preparation

Well, I made it to Willowbog for the BSA Show. The final adjustments are being made to fit everything in. I’m told that the standard id up yet again with many of the trees being exhibited for the first time. It’s my first time here and I’m really impressed.

I took a few photos tonight in bad light to give you a quick feel for the set up and standard. The camera will be busy tomorrow!!

The Croc Brothers 🙂

Time permitting, I’ll try and give an update tomorrow.

Hello Scotland


Scotland, brace for impact 🙂

Bye bye Belfast…


Sailing to see the shohin. Belfast Lough behind us, no drunk ship Captains in sighted

Good start to our trip!


This is the front of our local paper this morning! Stenna, who we are sailing with, had a ferry rammed by a drunk captain in Belfast Lough yesterday!! Wish us luck 🙂


A few more from Owen. These were taken at Mansei-en in Omiya, Japan. Some very famous bonsai

It’s great that Owen is liberal with the photos and information he is getting in Japan, as he says, ‘it’s all in a good cause’. Bonsai friendship plays a big part too, just as when Harry offered his photos from Noelanders Trophy back in January. The same goes for me, if anyone wants to use my images for pleasure or educational purposes, I’m happy to oblige. I just don’t want to see them appear on ebay being use to advertise bonsai seeds for commercial gain!!