British Shohin Bonsai (BSB)


As a BSA now BSB member, I just wanted to share the information  below with you.

Last Saturday saw the official “launch” of British Shohin Bonsai and interest in the group is already  taking off well. 

We have used “launch” in inverted commas as it is more a case of revamping of an older familiar face.  BSB has arisen from the British Shohin Association which was the first and only Shohin and small sized bonsai society in the UK for nearly eight years. Sadly, as with many clubs and societies, the BSA was finding it difficult to get people to take on the administrative functions necessary to run an organisation.

But rather than let the momentum of the BSA fizzle out,  a group of members took it upon themselves to progress the group in a manner that involved an entirely new way of doing things.  

Accepting that a sizeably large number of people wish to source their bonsai knowledge and indulge their bonsai passion online, the BSB decided that  they would relaunch using  an internet presence as the main method of reaching the bonsai public.  A new Facebook group has been established to front this process, along with a new website. 

As with the BSA, the aim of the new group is to promote the smaller sizes of bonsai, and while the online presence allows us to this through discussion, we will also be retaining the best bits of the BSA – namely the Exhibition and the Journal. These, along with occasional workshops and demonstrations, will allow us to develop people’s practical skills.

The name change is simply because we felt that a slight change of  “branding” was needed. This is mostly to give due respect to the sterling work done by the officers of the previous incarnation.  It is truly good that most of them are coming with us on our new journey and we hope that freeing them up from the shackles of a committee position will allow them more freedom.

Although there is no formal membership for BSB, we will be introducing a Supporters set-up whereby in return for a small one-off donation, you get access to the Journals and reduced price entry to BSB events. 

Shohin bonsai has certainly taken off in the past few years and the former BSA was instrumental in that happening.  We hope to continue that momentum and to take smaller sized bonsai to even greater , erm… heights.

To see more please use the links below:




BSA Videos – Last Two


BSA 2014 Exhibition Part 2

Here’s Part 2, this time Valentin Brose takes us on a tour of the exhibits. Valentin has got to be one of the nicest artists in the European bonsai scene.



BSA 2014 Exhibition Part 1

Finally I’ve got around to putting together all the little bits of video and photos from the British Shohin Association Exhibition at Willowbog Bonsai back in March this year.

This is part 1 of 6 showing Mr Peter Warren on one of his wanders around the exhibits. I only got a small portion on video as I was crowded out by the hordes in attendance 🙂 Not a bad thing at a show I think.

BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 4 -The Event

The Event sound like a rather grand title but it was an event in every meaning of the word. Over the Weekend I tried to capture  in photos the story of the show from set up to take down. Admittedly it’s  my own personal view but I think it captures the social occasion that it was.  This is what I got.


BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 3 – Accents

I think I got most of them.

BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 2

Wading through the rest of the photos now. I’ll be doing the accents as a separate post along with a few other themes for the weekend.

Apologies if there are any doubles, I did revisit trees as the light changed in the galleries so some of these might be from the Part 1 post but better light.


BSA Exhibition 2014 Part 1

This gallery contains 87 photos.

As I sit here sorting through my photos from the weekend two things are clear to me. First, this was without doubt a top quality Shohin exhibition that any country in the West would be proud to be associated with. … Continue reading

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Just a Quick One…

Just a quick post from the BSA Exhibition at Willowbog Bonsai. An excellent display of trees to an even better standard from I was last here.   Here’s a few sample photos to get you going.






Looking Forward to the Weekend

I’m looking forward to the weekend spent at Willowbog Bonsai at the BSA’s 7th Exhibition. I have my camera batteries charging 🙂

I thought I’d share these video done at the last exhibition in 2012 to show what’s in store. I’m reliably told that the standard will be up again this year 🙂