Root Over Rock Juniper Update

Whilst in Stephen’s garden today, I noticed the Juniper that we worked on at the end of April. (I actually couldn’t remember when we worked on it, but the beauty of this blog is that you can go back and check. ) Here’s a link to the original post ROR Juniper 30th April.

This was it in April.

and this was it today, oops, it’s 00.25, make that yesterday 🙂

Loads of new growth and no die back from wiring at all. Stephen needs to pinch, especially at the apex, to balance out the growth and vigour within the tree.

Airport Run

I had to pick up my Sister and Nephews from the Airport this afternoon, flying in from Australia. As the flight was delayed slightly, I had time to pop into Stephen’s house on the way to have a look at a few trees. Living 5 minutes from the airport is handy 🙂

His Satsuki has just started on the downhill stretch after flowering. Still worth a few photos though.

A nice hosta accent about to flower.

Big Hornbeam.

Big Larch.

Haws on a Hawthorn.

and I spotted this clump of baby spiders on a Pine just waiting for a breeze to drift off on.

Bonsai School Videos

I’ve been putting a few more videos together over the weekend. These have been taken from the NIBS/Willowbog Bonsai School on Saturday 4th June. I’m up to Part 4 of 8 for the day and maybe a few more from the workshop the following day.

The first two are on Wind Burn and Winter Protection, and the two just added cover tree Structure from Roots to Ramification. They are long, but worth setting time aside for if you have a spare half hour sometime. I’ll be trying to get the defoliation ones done in the next few days. I’m running out of time before my holiday 🙂

Here’s a link to the You Tube Channel. Just click on the pic below.

Shohin Chinese Juniper

This is my little Shohin Chinese Juniper which is really starting to get into shape. I need to do some further work on the deadwood and live vein. I have enjoyed working on this little one and I got to work on another one during a workshop at the weekend. I am now on the lookout of a nice shohin/chuhin one to add to the collection.

This was it last year. When I acquired it, it had some major wire damage at the apex and some poor branches in the wrong places. My treatment was drastic but I’m happy with the result.