Weekend in photos

I’ve just updated the club website with all the photos and given a full run down of the weekend. No way I’m adding that all here!! Here’s a few links if you fancy a look see.

Saturday Bonsai School

Sunday Workshop


Wild Weekend?!

A wild weekend used to  involve alcohol and woman, now it’s bonsai and the odd bottle of Red Vino, 7 in the end I think 🙂

Saturday I spent hosting a Bonsai School for 20+ in my garage. Peter snart from Willowbog was kept busy between 9am and 6pm in all aspects of pruning deciduous bonsai.

My Back Garden


My garage during school

Peter Snart - Walk like an Egyptian 🙂

Sunday I helped Peter out with his beginners workshop. This finished at 6pm and after a quick bite to eat he got to work on carving a Yew for Stephen. Nobody needed rocking to sleep, I can tell you!

Peter thinning out Stan's Larch during the workshop


Stephen's yew getting some refinement.

We packed the van this morning and he currently on the way back to Willowbog Bonsai for a well deserved rest. Thanks for a great weekend Peter.

I’ll elaborate more here over the next few days. I’ll even post a few pics of my latest acquisitions 🙂