What’s this got to do with bonsai?

Find out later! What a weird day I just had 🙂

Giant’s Causeway

Our final stop was at the Giant’s Causeway. This is probably the worst year to visit it. The centre is in the middle of a major rebuild and there is no parking on site. We had to get the Park and Ride from Bushmills.

It was starting to get cloudy and time was running out, but we still managed to get down onto the rocks. I even managed to get a few photos without the millions of tourists in them! A hard task. Top tip, most don’t walk right down onto the point where the rocks are stunning.

Can you spot the sleeping camel in the first photo?

Boy, would I like one of those stones to display a tree on!! No chance 😦

Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge

Our next stop along the coast was the Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge. This is a National Trust location and as usual had lots of visitors. Some nice scenery as usual for the North Coast. It’s about a 1k walk to the bridge from the car park.

The rope bridge has also been a victim of the health and safety people. It used to be a scary experience when it was the temporary bridge erected by the fishermen every year to allow them to cross over to the island to fish. Now it’s child’s play.

My big sister at the front holding everyone else up 🙂 Still scary for her!


We had lunch in Bushmills. The ‘Flash in the Pan’ chippy is worth a visit 🙂

Bushmills Distillery is the oldest in Ireland and I don’t care what anyone else says, It’s the best Whiskey in the World.

We had our chips at the side of the Bush River. It looks like a river of Guinness 🙂

Kinbane Castle

Our first planned stop was Kinbane Castle, or what’s left of it, tucked away in a secluded spot on the North Coast. When the rest of the coast is buzzing with tourists, this place is always quite. We were the only car in the car park when we arrived. The Castle is hidden from view unless you actually do a bit of walking down some steep steps. It sits on a headland that is slowing falling into the sea. Some work has been done to preserve whats left of the castle. This is one of my favourite places.

Castle and headland.

View along coast from carpark.

Hoover fly basking in the morning sun along the path down to the headland.

Guardian stone at the entrance to the headland. Rathlin Island in background and Scotland in the mists beyond.

Castle ruins.

Sea Thrift on the beach.

It was great to see lots of wild orchids among the grass.

I was sorry to walk back up the path and leave it behind. Here’s my parting shot of the Castle and headland with Rathlin Island in the background.

On to the Rope Bridge and the Giants Causeway. 🙂


Frosses Pines

I took some of my family, visiting from Australia, up to the North Coast yesterday. On my way I stopped briefly ay the Pine trees lining the Frosses Road near Ballymoney. I have always admired these pines leaning over the road creating an arch. Well, they used too until some were removed for safety reasons!!

Here’s a few pics of the pines.