Flying Visit

While Mario was visiting from Dublin, I popped round to drop off a few things to Josh. He was out but we still managed to get a few photos for Mario’s Bonsai Travelblog 🙂

It was absolutely chucking it down, but we still managed to see all the sights 🙂



Mario’s Minder

Just took delivery of some of Mario’s bonsai while he’s working in Dubai for a year or two. I took a quick snap of each tree so he can see just how big a mess I can make of them in two years 😀

Making Room

I spent an hour yesterday making some room on my benches for some new arrivals…

He’s not getting more trees, is he?

No, just some coming for holiday care. Every year I look after Josh’s collection. I quite enjoy it, more beautiful trees to look at 🙂

This year I also have some of Mario’s bonsai coming. Mario’s off to Dubai and I’m going to keep an eye on about 7 of his trees while he’s away. This should be about 2 years!! Happy to do it, top bloke.

Here’s the space.