Shohin Elm -Yes or No?

After Peter’s Visit last weekend I have kept a few of his sale trees in case any members who missed the school want to buy them. Most are Maples and one nice raw material Larch. I also kept this this Cork Bark Elm as well. I loved it and tried to get someone, anyone to buy it during the weekend. It is a Japanese one which is obvious by looking at the quality of the interior branch work. I love the trunk line and I can see a wider nebari in there too. The question is, do I move it from the sales bench to my bench 🙂 The photo doesn’t do it justice, which is good as you lot would all want it as well 😛

Cotoneaster Air Layer Update

My root over rock Air Layer was checked today for roots. No sign as yet but it’s early days. As you can see, it’s growing vigorously below and above the layer. I took a few minutes to trim the extension growth below the layer. I left the growth on the layer itself to aid in the production of roots.

After trimming.

Japanese Maple Branch Structure

This is a Japanese Maple that I have had for a few years. It has gone through a few years were the growth has been weak and I have lost a branch or two. I have placed it into a training box to gain vigour and it has worked.

As part of the bonsai school with Peter on Saturday we defoliated the tree to examine the branch structure. I had shortened the overall branch length to encourage back budding. It was severely lacking in secondary ramification and I was hoping to find new growth on the interior.

Peter talking through the structure after defolation.

This is the tree now.

Here you can see strong new growth in the interior of the tree. These have been left long to encourage the branch to thicken. A branch like this on the lower limb should be one of the thicker branches and at least as thick as the one on the other side. Ideally we should have left the leaves on it to aid it’s strong growth. We got carried away with the defoliation 🙂