Sunny Sunday Morning

After being tied up with bonsai for the last two Sundays it was a relief to get out with the dogs this morning. We added a bit on to the walk to make it around the 11 mile mark. We started off at the Lead Mines in Ards and walked the Clandeboye Way to Bangor Marina. Some nice trees and flowers along the way for inspiration.

Part of the ruins of the lead Mines. An old Kiln.

Three Towers, Scrabo Tower way in the background.

Some native Orchids I spotted on the way. Amazing that they have survived the dirt Bikes that tear the area to bits!

At the top of the first hill is Helens Tower. You can read about it for yourselves. It was nice to see and reminded me of the Ulster Tower during my trip to the Somme Battlefield last September.

Some nice Beech and Pine around the Tower dating to the original planting in 1848.

Swan Lake?

Deceased Pine deadwood. Nature at it's best.

I was amazed at just how much damage had been caused to the trees in recent winds.

Road Block

Oak branches hanging by a thread.

What are you looking at?

Introducing my dog Smudge. Waiting patiently for me to arrive on the beach.

Where did the path go??

Flag Iris just coming to an end of flowering.

Oyster Catchers.

Pink Valerian

Eleven miles later, the finish line at Bangor Marina.

Satsuki Deflowered

As it was nearing the end of flowering I decided to remove the flowers on this Satsuki now. It’s easy to see the seed heads while they are still attached to the flowers!

This is it in flower.

You can see how to remove flower heads HERE.

This was the tree this afternoon sans flowers.

I got this tree last year on the cheap as it was nearly without branches and very pot bound. It was repotted this Spring and today I shortens some of the extension growth produced at the end of last year. All I’m after is large platforms to display flowers, typical of satsuki everywhere. However, I do want to build up the ramification in the proper manner, not just fill it out with leggy growth. Here is a photo of it after some shortening of the shoots. I even managed to get a few cuttings 🙂

I am now expecting some serious growth.