Where in the World?!

A few recent comments From Portland, Oregon and Holland have led me to wonder where those following my blog are from. I never thought that this online diary would get visitors from so far and wide an audience.

I know I probably post to much, I even take stick for it now and again 🙂 but I must say I am loving the experience of it at the moment. I look closer at my trees and it certainly helps me keep a better photographic record of my trees!!

At some point work and the seasons will probably slow down my posting. Until them you’ll just have to put up with it lol.

Stick a comment on here and let me know where you are reading from. It should go without saying, if any of you are ever in Northern Ireland, you have an open invitation to come and see my trees for your self.

Thanks for reading.

Sick Field Maple

One of the club members brought this Acer Campestre to the meeting last night. It’s an old tree with signs of maturity in the bark. To me it looks as if its been weak for a few years. This year it has barely managed to open a few buds.

Weak buds.

A few branches looked dead and after a quick scrape, this was confirmed and I removed them.

This branch is actually a bud that has opened year on year but never extended. You can actually see the the tiny rings from each year. I have seen this on yamadori Hawthorn, but never a field maple.

It has obviously been kept as a bonsai for many years. This is the original chop wound that is now completely healed over.

I have popped it into the magic Poly Tunnel to attempt a revival. I put another weak one in there a week ago and I can already see signs of vigour returning. However, this one will be a harder task. I think the cause of this trees problems are root related due to a water logging last year. Bad advice given to the owner. Now that he’s joined the club, we have him on the straight and narrow 🙂

Trident Defoliated

I took this Trident Maple to the club meeting last night and a few of the guys were good enough to defoliate it for me.

This afternoon I took a few minutes to go over the tree and remove extended growth and unwanted branches.

Accents for now and the future

A few of my accents are just coming into flower. Typical, as the display was 2 weeks ago. I also purchased a few Alpines a couple of days ago to make into accents. Here’s the photos.

My Wild Strawberry accents

under planted by aquielega

Dwarf Irises

A Rhodoypoxis starting to show, I thought I had lost them all during the Winter.

Daisy 🙂

and the new guys on the block!