Favourite Blogs

I think some of the best information on bonsai is coming out of Japan in the form of blogs being written by Western Students working as apprentices. They are obviously kept very busy and therefore blog entries are sparse at times .

First up is Peter Tea from San Jose in California. He is currently studying at Aichien in Japan under Master Junichiro Tanaka . His posts are very informative about bonsai techniques. Usually one or 2 posts a week.

Peter Tea Aichien Journal 

Next is Tim Gardner who is studying at Daiju-en in Japan, with Bonsai Master Tohru Suzuki. There a month or so and is posting around once a week. It’ll be good to watch this blog develope.

Tim Gardner Daiju-en Journal

Bjorn Bjorholm, former apprentice of contemporary Japanese bonsai Master Keiichi Fujikawa has this blog/website. The best feature being the Art of Bonsai in Japan Videos. Worth checking in to see what’s new.

Biorvala Bonsai Studio

Last up, and my favourite, is the blog of Peter Warren. Blog titled ‘Tales from the life of a journeyman Bonsai artist. Trying to make sense of the world through little trees in pots.’ Not an appreintice any longer but is currently back in Japan helping out his master Kunio Kobayashi. A fantastic blog writer with witty posts that give great insight into bonsai in Japan.

Peter Warren Saruyama Bonsai Blog

Make sure you go back and read old posts, you get a feel for who you are reading about.

Silver Birch

This Silver Birch was field Grown for a few years and has been clipped back for the last year.  I gave it another trim today to remove unwanted adventurous shoots and shorten any extension growth. I’ll be doing this for a year or so to build up a ramified image. I will use wire now and again but I have found them to be wire intolerant as they drop wired branches frequently.

Before Trim

After Trim