Maple Thinning

This Coral Bark Maple has grown rapidly this Spring to the point were the canopy is so full that no light is reaching the inner buds and branches. This needs to be rectified to avoid die back on the inside of the tree.

As it was the last day of the Premiership season with all the ups and downs of relegation, I brought the tree into the conservatory to work on. A rare occurrence in my house.

I took a quick snap before I started in earnest. Notice how little you can see of Sky Sports on the telly.

I then started to trim out any extension growth taking it back to the first two leaves on the branch.

Here you can see the centre shoot removed.

Now to let extra light reach the interior of the tree I remove one of leaves from each pair on the exterior of the tree.

This is the leftovers.

Now compare how much of the telly can be seen through the tree.

and here it is with a clear background.

It’s still early stages as far as development of this tree goes. It will need a major wiring in the Autumn to correct a few issues.

Oh, and I was gutted that Blackpool went down 😦

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