What a difference a day makes

Yesterday my Beech had about 4 green leaves showing. This was it today!!

Guess today’s heat worked its magic.

2 comments on “What a difference a day makes

  1. Ian, I have never in all the years seen Beech move as fast as this. I looked at my large Beech group on Wednesday and could actually see some serious swelling that came from nowhere. I thought oh well, I’ll do that tomorrow (Thursday). Picked it up in the morning, no real change; got interrupted for a couple of hours and when I returned one of the trees had opened six buds into leaf!

    Always a tough call with a large group as some are stronger than others. The main tree is hardly swollen … sigh. Turning colder Tuesday BAH!! HUMBUG I was getting used to this 🙂

    Looks good BTW.



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