Walking on Sunshine

Had my usual Sunday morning walk today and what a day it was. Only problem was all the fair weather walkers clogging up the beach!! The second part of the walk was in the woods and it was less crowded and a lot cooler. Here’s a few pics from the day including some inspirational uro’s and deadwood.


End of the Blackthorn Flowers along the coast

Mill Pond sea

The way ahead

Two brothers on the beach with blackthorn flowering behind

Drill Rig getting tug boated into Belfast Harbour for some work.

Some nice uro and hollows on a beech

waiting for the last bit to fall then it'll be a uro

Deadwood on a hawthorn hedge

more of it.

Emerging ferns

Some unusual bark on a Sycamore

A windfall beech thats had a little wood removed for logs.

Another nebari for my collection

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