Little Corky

The little Corky Bark Elm I got from Willowbog last time around had budded after repotting into its new pot.

10 comments on “Little Corky

    • Yes, shohin size, probably not that old. I field grew about 40 of these over 10 years and they beef up very quickly. I actually bought this little guy on a whim, it was smaller than all my others and I’m trying to build up a few more shohin in my collection.


  1. it’s turning out nice ! it was way too cheap , there needs to be small print saying if it turns out this good there are further payments to make :-)))

    the batch of these trees was imported about 4 years ago , field grown in Japan
    there is very often a hint of variegation in the cork bark elms


    • Too late now, a deals a deal. I have noticed with some of our field grown ones a little variegation, especially in Spring but it grows out. The following year, there may be none on the same tree, strange! Do you have many of these left in stock?


  2. Ian, having seen some photos from the Shohin show recently i can see why you would want to increase your collection, Shohin can be rather stunning and i think you have a future little cracker on your hands with this one 🙂
    Peter, nice try on the small print, that made me laugh 🙂


    • The wee ones are great and sooner or later I won’t be able to lift the big ones 🙂
      I am trying to learn more about displaying the trees and one thing I’ve noticed is that you can never have enough shohin to hand as you never have just the right tree to fill that spot!!


  3. 4 from this batch I think , 2 in original trainers 2 re potted

    yes, a reasonable choice to put a composition together is always a problem in the West [ maybe even in Japan ] this has led to someone at the AGM having the brilliant idea of encouraging groups of folk to put joint compositions together , it is also hoped that between comittee members and others there may be stands available to be borrowed for the show as stands are often a significant expense for folk


  4. also , what has always been a great part of the BSA shows since the start is Marco’s critique of exhibits , conducted a couple of time throughout the weekend , constructively pointing out how compositions might have worked better with different arrangements


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