Sunday Dander

Here’s a few things I snapped on my Sunday walk with the dogs. The water is Belfast Lough.

Black Mountain looking like Mount Fuji with a cloud top.

Last of the snow, I hope!

Moss or mountainside?

Love the colour

3 comments on “Sunday Dander

  1. Brilliant set of photos Ian, what a stunning part of the World you live in. Can i ask out of interest what camera you use, make model….your getting some great pics with it whatever it is. Im just getting int photography and am looking at a Nikon D5000.
    Regards Martin 🙂


  2. Martin,
    It’s the Nikon D5000 🙂 I’m new to photography too and I must admit it’s been a great camera to learn with. Jessops has a deal with two lenses that’s hard to beat. There’s a good thread on Wee Trees about cameras and taking snaps. Worth a look.


  3. Nice one Ian, many thanks, will look at the thread on Wee Trees. Looked at the Jessops deal and with that twins lens deal its exceptional value. Regards Martin 🙂


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