Big C

I managed to get the Big Ceanothus potted. It had to be done in the Tunnel, it’s new home for a while. I spotted a few new buds swelling so fingers crossed.

I managed to steal a wooden box from Stephen that looked as if it would fit. With a few minor adjustments, it did.

Adjusting the angle.

The trunk has a large shari and the top is made up of two live leaders and one dead one. I removed the dead one and have left both of the other options until I see how the tree copes with transplanting.

I then removed all the die back caused by the freezing temperature over the Winter.

A quick lift and then that moment when you wonder if it’ll fit through the door!

Measured to perfection.

Potting mix added once it was in place. I used a heavy grade of grit and cat litter [SP]

Working it well down into the roots to avoid large air pockets.

A good watering in to finish off.

As this variety is new to me and, from all enquiries made around the world, pretty much new to bonsai, I’ll be interested to see if it survives.


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