Cut Backs

These cut backs have nothing to do with the credit crunch 🙂

As well as digging up a Ceanothus yesterday I cut back 2 large Escallonia. I plan to collect these next Spring but by cutting them back now, I will have loads of tight growth ready made which should also help with die back.

Here’s the first one. I’m doing the cutting and Stephen is doing the camera work. Good job if you can get it.



Nearly there

Finishing touches

The main bulk of the base of this tree is hidden under the soil. It’s going to be a beast 🙂

This is the other one.


nearly there

No shohin either, and the escallonia is large too :-0


The last one is still far too cluttered but time was running out and I see the tree every week. I’ll give it a closer look and take a few bits off when it suits me. No point rushing it now and removing something I needed.

All the cut offs were piled up for a bonfire.

I’ll keep you posted with how they respond to this light pruning 🙂

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