New Polytunnel

My last little tunnel was 10’x8’ and along side my little greenhouse, they done a job for me for close to 25 years. The greenhouse was taken down in 2019 and the small tunnel alone just wasn’t going to cut mustard over winter. So, down it came and up went the new tunnel 14’ x 15’.

Old tunnel
Down it comes.
Mss as jot cut back on the boundary hedge to make room for a decent fence.
Secure again.
The new space ready for building.
Double width door for big trees.
Space 😀👍🏻
Heat bed for yamadori going in. Foil bottom down first.
Heat mat in
Topped off with a fine bark mulch for humidity.
All done just in time as Autumn was moving in fast.
Some simple benching put in that can be moved and removed as needed during collecting season.
Winter protection in action both for cold but more from excess rain.

So far with storms seeming to hit every other day it has stood strong. It’ll be doing well to last as long as the last one. I’ve a misting system for the yamadori still to go in and a watering system as well.

Garden Benches

Here’s a few general shots I have snapped in the garden over the last week showing my  display area and the training benches along with accents. All change next year with my lawn going hopefully. This will allow my display to be moved into the best area of the garden for natural light.


Japan Society of Northern Ireland

I was asked to put on a small display of trees at a meeting of the Japan Society of Northern Ireland on Saturday and do a short talk.

Myself and Stephen went along on the day, getting there early to set up we were able to have a wonder around the Japanese Garden at the venue.

We then set up a few small displays at the entrance and what could pass as a tokonoma in the living area. The extra trees were placed outside in the garden for viewing during the afternoon.

This chap was keeping an eye on us…

After my talk we got stuck into some fabulous food and it was obvious just what a social occasion this meeting was. Great to see the kids enjoying themselves, and so well behaved too.

Better View




I was sorting out a little path that leads to my display benches in the garden a few days ago and I decided to remove a gate and trellis to allow for a better view as you enter the area. I was amazed at just how much better it looks now instead of the trees being caged away!







I swapped a few accents with Xavier back in the Spring and one of them was this chap. I can’t seem to actually find out more about it. It was labelled Mukdenia Rossi. I was expecting the Rossi to refer to red flowers at some point, but as you can see, there appears to be a red tinge to the leaves starting as we come into Autumn. I have since read that it’s now to be called Aceriphyllum rossii. Anybody know any more about it as an accent?

Giant Killer Snails!!

Just love these headline grabbing titles 🙂

I spotted this huge snail devouring hostas with the walled garden at Greenmount Agricultural College today. Stephen was able to ride it home. [Yet another height joke at his expense]

I was there on a club job moving display stands but took the opportunity to take a few photos for the blog. It was raining so I didn’t get to spend much time at it. Here’s a few taken within the walled garden.