Great Video from Mr Sellman

Popped this up on the big screen TV using Chromecast. An enjoyable 10 minutes with a cuppa.

Bonsai Europa 2015

Can’t wait 🙂

Agapanthus Accent

First Accent of 2015 potted up yesterday in a nice Magic Ceramic Pot.

An unusual choice for an accent but it’s been getting smaller every year. This year will tell if it’s going to be a success.


Rescue Maple Air Layer Removal… at Last!

The story so far…

September 2011

April 2013

October 2013

I could have removed this layer back in the Autumn but opted to wait until now as the buds begin to swell. I was fairly confident that it had done well last year after a shaky start as it had pushed out a lot of new growth.



On removal of the pot I was please to see some good roots.



With dead sections on the trunk ( see older post links above) I was delighted to see that each live section had produced roots.


The saw cut which got some work before potting.


This hollow up the trunk was really starting to roll over well and instead of leaving a hole to collect water I decided to treat and seal this with wound putty and then seal with cut paste. This will allow it to eventually heal over leaving no hole at all in about 5 years.





Potted up in a wash hand basin to allow it to gain some momentum this year. The original roots on inspection were very poor, I feel that if I hadn’t layered this tree it would already be dead. Which would be a shame with the stunning Autumn Colour it produces.


Accent Season Approaches

Delighted to get home yesterday to find a parcel. Wasn’t expecting anything but Xavier, who I swap with every year had surprised me. Not just plants this time but a very nice wood fired pot as well. Some new hostas and a Sisyrinchium Alba that I’m looking forward to seeing in flower. All now potted up, some put straight into Magic pots too 🙂







Oak Air Layer Update

Thought I’d share this Oak Air layer update with you. I see many people on forums etc asking if it’s possible to layer an Oak with a lot of conflicting answers. This one was removed from the parent tree back in April 2012. At the weekend I decided to repot the tree properly for the first time.Here you can see that it’s done well in the interim.



After a combing out of the roots and removal of any of the moss used in the original layer.


Some work carried out on some large cuts.


The underside of the trunk gets some whittling as well.DSC_0174

And now potted up in it’s new pot. Some carving required to tidy it up but no rush.


Kokufu Ten Market 2015

Part one from Jose. I love these little snap shots of sales areas. What about that mad Juniper at 51 seconds!!

Artisans Cup website is here!

More Noelanders Trophy Videos from Bonsai Empire

Noelanders 2015 Video

Thank you Bonsai Empire