USNBE demo by Peter Warren

Nebari Bonsai

This white cedar has a long history, from it’s collection in Northern Ontario, to becoming a Marc Nolanders demo in 1997, and beyond. It passed from there to Rainer Gobel, to Chase Rosade, to Bill Valavanis, and today it was the object of Peter Warren’s entertaining, if not lightning-fast demo, assisted by Marc Arpag.

As always, Peter adds nuggets of wisdom; here discussing the importance of leaving growing tips rather than “mowing” off all growing tips.

Thinning the dense tree, keeping this philosophy of trimming back, and not pinching, as evidenced by the size of each shoot removed and laying on the stage:

From on high, to achieve a broader crown present in old trees:

Nearly through trimming back:

And somewhere between thinning out and finishing the wiring, the resident auctioneer runs up to a “sold” to a lucky Michael L. with a big van and northern climate:

And here…

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