Oak Air Layer Removal

I layered this oak last year and decided to leave it in place over the Winter. All the other layers last year had produced enough root to allow for an Autumn removal. This oak however was lacking in roots at that stage. Some where visible but not enough in my opinion.

Today I removed the cover and was happy with what I saw. The layer was budding very strongly and the roots in the moss were moving again as white tips were showing.

This was my first layer on an oak and was more about gaining knowledge than producing a great tree. Both the parent tree and the layer are nothing special but at least I know it’s worth giving oak a go in the future.

2 comments on “Oak Air Layer Removal

  1. Interesting! Was it over-wintered in your tunnel? More specifically, did the air-layer’s roots take any freezing temperatures during the winter?

    That’s the main thing that has kept me from trying air-layers on any but a few hardy trees: winter cold if the layering takes more than one season.


    • It was kept outside all Winter but the layer was wrapped in a strip rubber pond liner which helps insulate the roots. It was also a mild Winter. Might be worth a go using an insulating wrap but in my experience, nearly all my layer are removed in the same growing season.


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