Agapanthus Accent

I’ve been trying to get this Agapanthus down to a size that works as an accent and it looks like this year Iv’e done it. Still to flower but I’ll post again when it does.

The first 3 photos show it in the middle of May with flower stocks emerging. I was hoping for them to stay a little shorter this year.




And this is them now 🙂 If they flower anywhere near this height I think we can call it a success.  Pot as usual by Magic Ceramics.



Agapanthus Accent

First Accent of 2015 potted up yesterday in a nice Magic Ceramic Pot.

An unusual choice for an accent but it’s been getting smaller every year. This year will tell if it’s going to be a success.


Agapanthus Snow Pixie

Whilst browsing through the multitudes of stock at Bali Hai nursery last year I decided to give a small variety of Agapanthus a go for a Kusamono. I actually got 3 varieties but this one has come out the best. It’s Snow Pixie. I’m hoping that with a few years in a pot the flower will produce a shorter stalk but if it doesn’t, I think I’m happy with the result. Maturity will help. Not quite open yet, I’ll post again when in flower flower.





Bali Hai Haul

As promised, this is the haul of plants that I got yesterday at Bali Hai Nursery. Mostly Hosta and Rhodohypoxis, but a few other oddities thrown in as well. You will notice one that is rather large for an accent, that’s going below my display bench, I just couldn’t resist the leaf colour.

Interesting comment that now is actually a good time to split hostas. Stephen and I always did this in Spring as growth emerges although that is seemingly a good time to trim the roots on hostas to keep them small leafed.