Oak Air Layer Update

Thought I’d share this Oak Air layer update with you. I see many people on forums etc asking if it’s possible to layer an Oak with a lot of conflicting answers. This one was removed from the parent tree back in April 2012. At the weekend I decided to repot the tree properly for the first time.Here you can see that it’s done well in the interim.



After a combing out of the roots and removal of any of the moss used in the original layer.


Some work carried out on some large cuts.


The underside of the trunk gets some whittling as well.DSC_0174

And now potted up in it’s new pot. Some carving required to tidy it up but no rush.


4 comments on “Oak Air Layer Update

    • Dean, no photos of the actual layer going on just the layer coming off as seen in the link in the post. It was a straight forward 2 inch strip removed and pure sphagnum moss applied. Rarely fails for me on most trees.


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