Sequoia Sempervirens

I had a notion years ago of making a Sequoia Bonsai. Mad do I here you say? Probably. I got my hands on a small one and decided that to have any chance, it needed to be big. I popped it into open ground for 8 years and forgot all about it. About two years ago we had to clear the ground and there it was in all it’s glory, throwing down a challenge. I put it into a big black pot and put it in the corner for 2 years.

Yesterday I decided it was do or die time. I always had the notion of trying to style it similar to how they grow in nature, a tall formal upright with sweeping branches. It was a mass of branches and all I wanted to do to get things rolling was, thin it out, and place primary branches.

Here’s the tree before I started.

After a little thinning out.

 And after placement of primary branches.

I know that I’m looking at years and years of hardship in trying to get this rapid grower to behave the way I want it too. I always like to have a few weird ones in the collection. I think this qualifies.

Here are a few that I looked at online for ideas.

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