500,000 Blog Hits!

Well at some point during the night I past the 500,000 blog hits here on bonsaieejit.com. It’s actually at 509,000 by the time I got home from work!  I vaguely remember my nephew saying, ‘ You’ll hit 500,000 in no time’, when I hit 10,000. I laughed at him!

It’s not really a bonsai diary any more, although I still use it as such. It’s become a bit of a one stop shop for bonsai on the internet, new videos, good blogs, interesting articles and events, etc. I do my far share of reblogging and sharing, but isn’t that what bonsai is all about, sharing and friendship, oh, and wee trees 😉

I have had hits from 163 countries across the world, the latest being Curacao [look it up!]

I have made 1214 blog posts and of late, these have been daily. I honestly think I’m getting a little OCD about it ❗

So many new bonsai friends, I only wish I had the money to travel the world and meet you all. As usual, any suggestions of future content, ideas etc, will all be well received.

Next update will be 1 million hits it took 2 years to get half, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Thank you for following, sharing, supporting, bantering, Linking, commenting and being all round good eggs.

Gafu Ten 2013

In for a penny as they say, here’s more from Jonas, this time from the Gafu Ten 2013. I just love the wee ones. I will definitely be making more of an effort this year to develope more shohin bonsai in my collection.