Bonsai Auction at Wessex



ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 15 17.47

I think this might be the UK’s best kept secret! Which is a shame as all these trees need to be sold and as many folk as possible need to attend to make it a success. I never had the pleasure of meeting Manuel before his passing, but every single person who has had contact has had nothing but good things to say about him. His widow simply can’t look after such a large collection and all these trees need new homes. A rather large legacy.

I was chatting to Dean, who has done a fantastic job of getting these trees up on the internet for everyone to browse before the auction on 2nd March. I offered to plug the auction here and also show some of my favourites from the list. He was delighted that I would be helping to raise the profile of the auction. So here you go. In each case, click on the image for further details and guide price.

I love this little clump of Chinese Elms, so natural looking.


Another great value forest.


A very nice Trident Maple

A nice natural looking Scots Pine

I think this big Scottie is a bargain at the price. It looks as if it is growing on a British hillside somewhere.

A bargain shohin Cork Bark Elm if it goes that cheap.

Nice to see an Oak making an appearance.

A nice example of a broom Zelkova

A nice Korean Hornbeam.

A really nice Maple group

I’ll post a few more tomorrow but for further info visit the auction site HERE