Saturday’s Willowbog School

I’m only getting time now to have a look at what photos I have taken over the weekend. It’s been a hectic but rewarding last 5 days both in my bonsai life and in my work life, however a little sleep would be nice about now :-/

I have already reblogged a few related blogs from friends who were there, but now it’s my turn.

Peter arrived on Friday and it was good to have a catch up and a glass of vino before the hordes descended on the Saturday morning. We decided to leave unpacking the van until the morning. As we walked out the door at 7am to get started, the snow started to fall.Must be a Willowbog left over 🙂 It didn’t amount to much but I was glad we had made a few additions to the heating of the garage for this school.

We got the trees out in record time and Roy B was first to arrive for the pre-school browse. Others soon arrived and pots seemed to be in demand as expected.

The school got underway and and Peter talked though the events of the last months, namely the Noelanders Trophy and then the Ryan Neil weekend. During the day we covered topics such as wiring, Larch bonsai, seasonal tasks, a repotting recap, and much more besides.

The day was a great success, with the only problem being the lock on my back door breaking and everyone being locked out! Photos can be seen HERE on Michael’s blog.


The first NI Bonsai Society School of the year started with a very good turnout on a cold February day. As usual Peter Snart was our guest speaker. The schedule for the day included a general discussion on personal trees and winter experiences and as usual was very interesting. This was followed with some refresher information on wiring and re-potting and even though many would consider this “Old Hat” or “Novice Territory” Peter gave some very useful tips particularly on the subject of preparation when re-potting.


Its always nice to get a pic of Peter looking bemused and non-plussed. It’s never that difficult to get one.

Peter 1

His more intelligent look. This can be quite difficult to get.

Viewing the merchandise

Viewing the merchandise at the break

Broken Door

There was a bit of a drama at the break as the handle/lock on Ian’s patio door broke when the door was closed. As this is the main…

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Bonsai Baker

Here is the start of our Sunday Workshop. As alway Peter talks through everyones tree, or trees, that are to be worked on.

It might not look like it, but I can’t wait to get started.

And this is why. My latest acquisition a Japanese Mountain maple in a Clumpstyle.The tree need a repot so this was my,very pleasant, workshop tree.

This is the tree back home the next morning. I will be posting more on this tree over the next few days. But a great weekend, both the school on sat and the sunday workshop. Many thanks to Ian for hosting the school-workshop,and to peter-Willowbog Bonsai for all his effort and his teaching.


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Well it really was a great show this year; well to be truthful it is a great show every year. I cannot really imagine just how much work Paul and his team of helpers has to do before opening the doors.

I actually exhibited myself this year. After all these years being interested in Bonsai I had a tree included in a professional event. My first! Seemed quite odd really watching people taking pictures of my exhibit, and to some extent quite humbling really. Well, the time flew by, meeting friends of old and many new ones as well. I managed to keep my hands in my pocket but could not resist a new Tony Remington pot for ‘Stumpy.’ That is the Maple I dug up a few years ago from the garden. I’ll update once I repot in a couple of weeks time.

Oh well, enough waffle; I hope…

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