Two Year Anniversary

Just got a message from WordPress to say happy second anniversary for my blog.

ScreenHunter_20 Feb. 10 14.19

Two years!! Hard to believe. It was slow to gain momentum but then about 10 months in, things surprisingly took off. I reckon at my current rate of hits I’ll see 500,000 hits in about a month which is truly staggering.

ScreenHunter_21 Feb. 10 14.25

Anyway, thanks for all the hits, follows, subscriptions, likes, reblogs, shares,etc.


Bending Phil’s Pine

The last big video out of the Ryan Neil weekend is this one featuring the Pinus ‘Put it back in the van’ Sylvestris that Phil brought. Most would now like to put it in the back of their van 🙂

Ben was busy with the camcorder when all the bending work was being done and we thought it was well worth a share to show the techniques that Ryan used to bend a heavy trunk on this pine.

I have a few ideas for some very short video clips picking out interesting points from the demo instead of having to watch all 3 hours 48 minutes of it. So keep watching the You Tube channel, which has about 100 new subscribers in a week ❗