Great post over on Nichigo Bonsai.

Nichigo Bonsai

Sometimes things elsewhere look better than what you might have at your own disposal. This can do two things. One is you can become inspired and in turn try to improve your situation, or you can feel defeated and do nothing and long for what is over the proverbial fence.

In terms of Australian bonsai we sometimes look over our fence (or ocean) and long for the material of Japan or the yamadori of America or Europe. Sometimes this inspires but a lot of the time due to Australia’s strict quarantine laws (making importing near impossible) and the fact that most native collectible material is protected by law it instills a feeling of giving up or accepting second best. Myself, after returning from a trip from Japan, have looked over my collection and felt as if I was so far behind that I might as well sell up and take…

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Two More Video Worth a Watch

First is Part 3 from Jose.

and then this one from Bonsai Focus showing the Alcobendas Bonsai Museum

New Club Site for Eda Uchi Kai


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Thought I would share this link to the new website/blog  for Eda Uchi Kai. Looking back through their meeting photos it is plain to see what a high standard of bonsai this club has aspired too. Well worth a follow I think.