Bonsai Bloggers

I always like to post a few other bonsai blogs from time to time to show what else is on offer if you look for it. It’s especially good if you can find active blogs with regular quality posts. Here are a few that are active at the moment.

Danny Use at Gingko is posting some great stuff at the moment and pretty much on a daily basis. I especially love his posts showing trees developing over a number of years. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go back through the older postings. Just click on the image below to visit.


Next up is a blog from Tomas Kovsca, in Slovenia. Language shouldn’t be a barrier to bonsai. I use Google Chrome as a browser to translate text within a post. It’s not perfect, but good enough to follow the meaning of a post topic. Again click on the image below to link to this blog.


I just have to promote Mr Warren again by way of encouraging him to keep up the postings from Japan and elsewhere on his worldwide trips. He’s a very unassuming chap who does little in the way of self promotion. His work speaks for itself, so perhaps promotion isn’t required!  I personally hold him in high regard, just don’t bloody tell him I said it 🙂 Click image below to view link.

Next up is Dylan Fawcett’s very educational blog Bonsai Prelude. Some great posts with plenty of reading too.


The first bonsai blog I ever followed Kingii, in Spanish but a very active blog with some stunning trees being produced. This is why Spanish Bonsai is ahead of the game in Europe. Also the El Tim or The Team linked closely with Kingii is worth following.


One of my favourites is Bjorn’s Bjorvala Bonsai with regular posts from Japan and not to mention the Video Series Bonsai Art of Japan. well worth a follow.


I have to finish off with Peter Snarts Willowbog Chat blog. I have a vested interest in it as I helped Peter get it set up but Peter has embraced the blogging concept and is always adding good quality and informative posts. Well worth subscribing too for the regular updates.


That should keep you going for a while 🙂 All images above are links. I have come across a few new start up blogs lately. Once I see the posts pick up, I’ll share them here too. Share the love people 🙂 If you like what you see, why not follow the blog by signing up for notifications by rss, email etc. This will act as encouragement for all and we’ll see even more posts.