Shohin App for your Smartphone

If like me, you have a smart Phone, you have probably already carried out a search for bonsai related apps with no results. I don’t count that stupid game that’s there 😀

Well, good news! Morten Albek has created a Shohin App. It’s free and worth having as well. Below is a link to the relevant place for downloading.


Noelanders Trophy Winners

Here are the Winners from the 13th Noelanders Trophy.

The overall Winner is the beautiful Juniper Chinensis owned by Luis Vallejo

Simon Tremblett’s Willow won a nomination and was awarded a BCI President’s Award

Cascade Scots Pine owned by David Benavente, Nomination winner

Hornbeam EBA Award of Merit Winner, German Sojer

Nicola Crivelli’s Spruce, nomination winner.

Beech Raft nomination winner owned by David Barlow.

Best Kifu Chinese Juniper owned by Mauro Stemberger

Yew Owned again by Mauro Stemberger BCI Award

Best Tree entered by a member of BAB, Mugo Pine owned by Christian Vos

If I’ve missed any, let me know!!