I have always admired these stunning Sierra Junipers, I dream one day of making it over to see them up close and personal. Sam and KJ have kindly allowed me to reblog their post showing these beautiful trees.

Sam & KJ's Suiseki Blog (水石)

Attending last weekend’s BIB exhibit and visiting Boon during one of his intensive workshops and seeing a few Sierra Junipers, it reminded me of the beauty these trees possess in the wild.

So we thought it might be nice to post up a few photos for everyone to enjoy.  These trees are incredible both in beauty and in size. Be sure to click the photos to see a larger image.

Photographs of Sierra Junipers (uniperus occidentalis var. australis)

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Redburn Ramblers

As usual, here are some photos from my Sunday walk looking for trees to inspire when creating bonsai.

These were taken at Redburn Country Park overlooking Belfast Lough.

Two strange blokes wandering around taking photographs of trees 🙂

A very old Rhododendron hedge that has collapsed on itself. Spooky looking!

A Beech with fused branches in all sorts of  shapes. Some really nice Beech here.

Again, spooky. Wouldn’t want to walk up there in the dark!!

Some of the beautiful Beech.

Rooting into it’s own decomposing stump hollow. How about that for recycling

We spotted 5 different Rafts on the walk. Some lying side by side. They all look to have been blown flat at the same time many years ago.

Side by side rafts

This one might even be worth digging up!

Old Scottie with his head in the sun.

Long uro on an Ash.

Grain in an old rotting log.

Through and through

This beech has obviously been eroded away by some sort of infection. Nice hollows on the trunk now.

Wouldn’t be a walk without fungi 🙂 This old stump looks as if someone has been throwing frisbees about!

Ivy Seed heads

Hill streams

Miniature world under foot.

Peek-a-boo fern

Stenna heading out of Belfast Lough

Hope you enjoyed the walk.